Finding your Authentic Self…

Most people live their entire lives never finding their authentic self. They never find the person they were meant to be, nor do they develop themselves to their greatest potential. Unfortunately this is much easier said than done, for it takes time and effort to undo programmed habits and ways of living.

 To be authentic means to find the key to happiness and success within ones self, not within society that they live in. Society usually means the external system of authority that consciously and unconsciously dictates the direction and behavior of our lives. Do you ever wonder why it is so important to live a certain way, with a certain car, house, school degree, etc.! It is because society dictates it to be so. To live and be your authentic self, you must free yourself from that cultural prison. You must think for yourself and create your own thoughts, needs and desires. Then, and only then, you are being authentic.

 When you live an authentic life, you are living the life that resonates with your inner being. You will not bind yourself with destructive habits, relationships or lifestyles. You will gain inner strength and let go of manipulation, power plays, cruelty and hatred. You will find that your life is being elevated to a higher spiritual level. You will be thinking of humankind, rather than self. You won’t be afraid of truth, and will deal with fear in a better way.

Challenge yourself to look deep inside today.  You may be surprised with what you discover.  And when you start to see and accept the beauty in your defects, you will embrace the process to begin your own personal  TRANSFORMATION.  How exciting!

Have a blessed day!



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